How We're Listening

You have told us you want change; we're listening. Keep reading to see the latest survey results and to learn about some improvements we have made based on your feedback.

Customer Survey Results

From survey results, we learn more about what you think of our service, and where you want us to improve. We are constantly making improvements to our services and programs based on this information. Here are some of our recent survey results:

2014 Communications Survey

Your satisfaction with our communications increased 2% this year, a result of your satisfaction with our digital station signs.

You told us:

  • We need to improve our web channels, like the GO Transit website on mobile, and the GO Mobile App.
  • You want real time trip information at your station, as well as Union, and while waiting for a bus.


 What we are doing:

  • Both our web and mobile device channels will undergo significant changes this fall that take into account the needs you expressed in this survey.
  • Real-time bus information will be available in late 2014 as GO Transit completes communication system upgrades for both bus and rail service.


Fall  2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey

You told us:

  • We need to increase seating availability on trains.
  • We need to improve the effectiveness of our communications about train and bus delays.
  • We need to increase availability of parking spaces.

What we are doing:

  • We added two peak morning and two peak afternoon trips on the Barrie line, extended the 30 minute Lakeshore weekend service window to 9 a.m. from 11 a.m. and increased Lakeshore Sunday service to match Saturday levels.

  • The first GO Transit mobile website was introduced which is an easy-to-read version of our current desktop website.  Customers on the go are now able to obtain service updates quickly, easily, anywhere and at any time.   We added Service At-A-Glance to our desktop homepage which gives customers service update information in an accessible, easy to find location.  Our customer facing employees now have the ability to provide real time bus communication updates to customers with our enhanced internal tracking system.

  • To ease parking constraints at our third busiest GO station, we opened the first floor of the Clarkson GO Station parking structure in June.  When fully completed, it will provide customers with 1,250 new spots.   We also gave Mimico customers access to almost 100 new parking spaces with the opening of the Newcastle Street parking lot.

Let GO Know Surveys

To ensure the initiatives we work on meet your needs, your voice is heard through the Let GO Know online advisory panel. The Let GO Know panel is now over two years old.
Let GO Know by the numbers:

  • Over 50 surveys.
  • 54,000 of responses received.
  • Over 7,180 members.
  • Overall satisfaction with the panel is 75%.
  • Likelihood to recommend is 66%.

To be part of shaping the future of GO Transit,  Join Let GO Know.

2014 Improvements

The results from the surveys we conduct give us valuable insight as to where you want us to improve. This information, along with our own performance measurements, help us make improvements and develop new initiatives. Here are some of our recent improvements:

On time Improvements

  • In May, the first train passed through the new tunnel at the West Toronto Diamond on the Georgetown South  project, allowing our trains to travel unrestricted by freight traffic.
  • In September, we purchased a key stretch of track west of Georgetown.  The Province now owns 80% of the track used by GO Transit.  We will be able to improve service, control operations, and make infrastructure upgrades needed to support service expansion.

Safety Improvements

  • In April, GO kicked off our Rail Safety Week in conjunction with Operation Lifesaver and organized by Transport Canada.  Events and campaigns throughout the week educated passengers on how to be safe around trains.

  • In May, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario began Pedestrian Safety Week with the Do the Bright Thing campaign.  GO Transit Safety Officers and Toronto Police Officers were talking to the general public at this event in the GO concourse, encouraging pedestrians to wear bright-coloured or reflective clothing when possible.  Transit Safety focused their attention on being aware, alert, and visible at all times, especially while walking through our parking lots and stations/terminals.
  • In June, we launched our Transit Safety Bicycle Patrol pilot program to increase the level of service to our customers i a cost effective, highly visible, and environmentally friendly manner.  This unit increases the patrol range of our officers and also decreases the response time compared to foot patrol officers, and even officers assigned to vehicles in areas of high traffic.

Communication Improvements

  • In early June, we launched our enhanced real time tracking system, giving our customer-facing employees the ability to provide real time bus communication updates to customers.
  • In September, we launched the GO mobile website. is now much easier to use on your smartphone.  The upgrade includes:
    • Easier viewing of schedules
    • Text size selection
    • Fast access to service updates
    • Union Station departure information.
  • Smartphone users will be automatically directed to the mobile site.

Comfort Improvements

  • Between April and June, we added two peak morning and two peak afternoon trips on the Barrie line, extended the 30 minute Lakeshore weekend service window to 9 a.m. from 11 a.m. and increased Lakeshore Sunday service to match Saturday levels.

  • In May, Appleby GO Station improvements were completed.  They include an enhanced station building with improved accessibility, new ticket selling booths, expanded waiting areas and washrooms.

  • In June, we opened the first floor of the Clarkson GO Station parking structure. When fully opened, it will provide customers with 1,250 new parking spots.

  • In April, we added 36 new weekday and 31 new weekend bus trips on our Highway 407 West service, and 22 new weekend bus trips on our Stouffville route.  For rail, we extended one of the peak morning and one of the peak afternoon trains on teh Barrie line from 10 cars to 12 cars to provide more seating.
  • Last quarter, we opened the new parking structure at Pickering GO Station, bringing a net new 1,200 parking spots to customers.
  • In September, our 500th GO bus began service.  It is a low-height double decker, seating 81 passengers, with many accessibility features, and equipped to carry two bikes.

Customer Experience Improvements

  • This past quarter, at the Burlington and Hamilton GO Stations, we began offering reserved bicycle parking spots for added customer convenience.

  • As in previous years, GO provided special train service for the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival on Saturday August 2, on lines that do not usually have weekend train service.
  • In June, we began weekend service for both Niagara and Barrie, which will operate throughout the summer.

Parking Improvements

Since April 2012, more than 5,600 parking spots have been added to support growth in our ridership. Here’s where we have added more parking spaces and parking structures.

Where? What? How many spaces? When?
Ajax (Temporary Lot) Surface Parking 200 June 2012
Maple Surface Parking 158 June 2012
Clarkson (Temporary Lot) Surface Parking 100 September 2012
Pickering (Temporary Lot) Surface Parking 576 September 2012
Oakville Parking Structure 1,360 October 2012
Richmond Hill Surface Parking 380 November 2012
Maple (Temporary Lot) Surface Parking 308 December 2012
Weston (Temporary Lot) Surface Parking 70 December 2012
Cooksville (Temporary Lot) Surface Parking 238 December 2012
Sportsworld Park n Ride Surface Parking 110 December 2012
Oshawa (Temporary Lot) Surface Parking 67 April 2013
Ajax Parking Structure 1,000 Three Floors Opened August 2013
Erindale Parking Structure 1,100 September 2013

By the end of December 2014, another 3,300 parking spaces will be built. Here’s our projected plan to bring more parking spaces and parking structures to our stations.

Where? What? How many spaces? When?
Ajax Parking Structure 300 Remaining Floor November 2013
Streetsville Surface Parking 50 November 2013
Meadowvale Surface Parking 100 December 2013
Pickering Parking Structure 1,200 December 2013
Port Credit Surface Parking 30 December 2013
Oshawa (Temporary Lot) Surface Parking 150 December 2013
Clarkson Parking Structure 1,130 Ground Floor June 2014
Stouffville Surface Parking 125 November 2014
Ajax Surface Parking 20 December 2014
Bronte Surface Parking 200 December 2014

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